I’m in an abusive relationship.

They are mentally, verbally, and emotionally abusive to me. They do not care about me or my feelings. They do not care if I am sick, or if my child is sick. I am less than human in their eyes. I am no better than a robot who should do nothing more than what I am told to do.

My partner makes me feel worthless, stupid, stressed out, overwhelmed. I sometimes find myself thinking about suicide. I am so miserable that I often just break down crying.

But, they pay my bills for me. And buy me groceries and pay the babysitter. They take care of me and provide my health insurance and offer me time off occasionally.

Do you think I should stay in this relationship?

Because I’m talking about my job.

My job, that makes me feel miserable and suicidal. My job, where I’m verbally and emotionally and mentally abused by the people who call in to the call center. They don’t care if I’m sick or if my daughter is sick, because doctor notes are not accepted. I make a paycheck, but I’m barely living from paycheck to paycheck. This job feels like it’s sucking my soul from me, leaving me an empty, cold, lifeless shell.

But hey, it’s got benefits. It’s money, even if the money is not enough.


You wouldn’t tell a woman dating an abusive man to stay in the relationship just because he pays her bills and buys her stuff sometimes. Why do people insist on telling me to stop complaining about how much I hate my job just because they offer benefits and it puts a little money in my bank account?


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