I want to preface this by saying that you can have whatever beliefs you want. As a human, you are entitled to that. And yes, we have freedom of speech, to an extent. But the moment you stop respecting EVERYONE’s right to free speech, we’ve got some serious problems.

This election is going to tear our country apart. I seriously don’t know if America can weather this. So much hatred from so many sides, so many people just absolutely losing their minds. I have watched statuses and pictures from all different sides of the argument while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. And I’ve mostly kept my mouth shut, because I don’t enjoy confrontation as much as my attitude may sometimes suggest. But I finally had enough when someone who is a friend of my family kept posting pro-Trump statuses and pictures and posting insulting things about people who support the other candidates. And it was easy enough to scroll past it all at first, no matter how sick it made me to my stomach. But when I would get curious and look at the comments, a few of his friends who disagreed with him would try to comment their opinions, and he would completely shut them down in a condescending manner. This from a man who is proud that he is not educated. A man who has never worked to better himself and has just relegated himself to the task of hard work and thinks that this makes him better and smarter than most people. But, I digress, as I am prone to do. Not only would he start being an absolute ass, his like-minded friends would jump in as well, and I’m sure he found this hilarious and rewarding. He tried to pretend that he was innocent, but had been called out at least once that I saw by someone who reminded him that he had called them screaming and threatening them over the phone because of this stuff.

I do not like America. I do not like what this place is or what it is becoming. I would gladly leave, if possible, though there are multiple reasons I cannot (no matter how many times people try to argue this point. It is NOT that easy to just pick and leave and survive when you have a child). And so I did indeed post a status on my Facebook that says that I hate America. And that is when the shit hit the fan. because he felt it was okay to comment and insult liberals. Well, I have many a liberal friend, and they did not take kindly to this. And so they proceeded to give him a taste of his own medicine. Until the point that he got extremely hurt and blocked me. And then messaged at least 2 of my loved ones telling them how he hurt their feelings and it wasn’t okay for them to insult him. Even though he had insulted them. It is apparently not okay for anyone to treat him the way he treats others.

And typically I would just move on from this, but I am really actually upset by this. Because this was someone that I thought was a good person, and then painted me and my loved ones as bad people. I wouldn’t be so upset if he hadn’t tried to play the victim and LIE. He messaged my fiancé telling my fiancé not to insult him. And the he tried to tell me that my fiancé had messaged him first. And this childish behavior did not help when I told him that I would file harassment charges if he didn’t leave me and my loved ones alone, because he tried to turn it around on me and threatened to call the cops on me. And of course he played the innocent victim card to his mother, who of course believes that I am just as much to blame for the blow up.

I am extremely conflicted in my emotions right now. I am angry. I am sad. But most of all, I feel a deep sense of foreboding. This is our future, America, if we don’t do something and do it fast. A man threatened to go to my fiancé’s workplace and try to cause a scene and try to fight him. And I have to bite my tongue because now he’s threatening to call the cops on me. And so I have to be the bigger person. And I hate being the bigger person, because I hate leaving shitty people feeling satisfied with themselves and thinking that they won something. But unlike him, I actually have custody of my child and have to look after her and care for her, and I cannot and will not put that at risk.



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