Weekly Photo Challenge: Family


The first thing I thought of when I saw the word family was my biological family that I grew up with; my mother, sister, and brother. Admittedly, we all have a strained relationship with each other for various reasons.

The next thing I thought of was my friends, those people that I turn to for advice and support and company. But, truthfully, I don’t exactly have any familial friends, for various reasons.

The image my mind settled on, thinking of family, was one of groups. To my left, I saw my biological family, standing together looking at me. And to the right, I saw the friends that I’m closest to, standing in a group and looking at me. And away from both of these groups I stood, looking with each of them in my sights and both too far away for me to reach out and become a part of. I don’t even have my arms outstretched, I’m not even trying. 

But, I do have someone. Someone who doesn’t question me, who always wants to be with me, who never hurts me. And right now, it’s kinda just me and him in our little family. His name is Little Prince of Darkness, or Prince for short. And it’s his unconditional love that keeps me going sometimes. Sure, it gets lonely only having your cat as your closest family, but in the end, when people’s shortcomings keep them out of arm’s reach for me, I still have a little ball of fur that just wants me to hold him and love him.


One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

  1. My two cats have been my own closest family or friends. Sadly, after 15 years, I lost one on the 22nd November last year. Pets can bring us that deep unconditional love that seems so rare anywhere else

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